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from Ben

Fun Fact of Arks Over Heaven: Samuel does not have a favorite color, favorite food, or favorite anything. Neddy’s favorite color is green and his favorite food is Udon noodles. Ruby’s favorite color is red and her favorite food is bacon. Aurora’s favorite color is blue and her favorite food is lasagna. Ben’s favorite color is monochrome and his favorite food is tacos.

SunnyFox, I’d say you’re a good detective, so don’t say that about yourself! You did manage to find out who- whoops, almost said something there. But I CANT say it because that would spoil the fun. Yet. But I guess I’m close, right? Aragorn does mean noble valor after all. That sounds pretty noble to me. Well I’m almost there, that’s all that matters.

Wyvernian Chapter 27 of PoP located in Eurypterid was a lot of fun to read, it was fun seeing everyone unite to defeat the Magmasaurs! It’s nice that Bones is doing well, however the Wanderer makes me curious… Is it even a human, what if it’s Salizar? Eh, probably not. Also the Magmasaur Matriarch sounds like a kick-butt type of villain. I bet she would wipe the floor with the Ice Wyvern easily. And the war buckets to use water to defeat the Magmasaurs was a really smart idea. However, I think you may have misspelled disturbers… unless that’s intentional.

SunnyFox, jeez so much happened in Chapter 27 and 28 that I don’t know what to say!

Actually, nevermind, I do know what to say, I’m just so speechless! First of all Cole, WHY are you trying to propose to her come on like you’ve known her for a while but you haven’t even DTF yet! (determine the relationship). Like y’all haven’t even kissed yet… And did you not even notice Arianna’s tears? How DARE you. Well. Sorry old pal, I think you just need to be more situationally aware.

Also I can’t believe Irene got hit with a stroke! It cannot be. Poor Arianna is losing so many people!

Chapter 28… man it’s so sweet how both James and Arianna are thinking about each other. Also what is Tom trying to ask Leah? 😳 Also a dog barking just reminded me what happened to Bella the dog? Who is taking care of her? Also the kiss scene was cool, but definitely not as good as Tom and Leah’s. Now I’m no genius when it comes to kiss scenes, but I think there either needs to be A. a build up, or B. intensity that is unrivaled.

For example, here’s how I’d write this scene: “Well, we convinced our parents to let us visit one last time. After all… There was a really special girl I met,” James said. A bright smile began to grow on Arianna’s face, one she couldn’t contain, no matter how hard she tried, “Oh James… I love you!”

The moment was unbearable, as time seemed to slow to a halt, the two stared at each other’s lips, until finally, they leaned together at the same time…

And then it was happening. The two closed eyes and began to kiss like it was no tomorrow. Arianna’s heart hammered against her chest, a rosy red rising through her face as she felt herself clasping the back of James’ head. The moment felt so forever, but not foreign. And Arianna craved it with all her heart.

James waited for Arianna to pull away, but once she did, James wanted to show her something…

That’s just one example. You don’t have to go THAT crazy, but it just felt a lot more anticlimatic compared to the other. This is supposed to be the big moment, so make it big!

Or not. It doesn’t really matter.

Where was I? OH NAH. Shadow Phoenix is the name of the kingdom James and Tom’s parents rule, okay okay that makes sense. I guess I didn’t think of something like that, I thought it’d be some crazy secret organization or something. Also zamn James just beat Cole to it huh?

Also James’ power is not just using his shadow, but controlling others? That’s super powerful if used correctly. That’s like seven billion shadows on the whim. Well maybe not that many, this is after Arks.

Also the medallions cause people to live long amounts of time? Hmm. I wonder how much time passed from TTOTSP and TTDOT. Years, decades, centuries?

And looking back at this now… Will COLE have something to do with Tom’s transformation?

We are nearing Chapter 30 of TTOTSP. That was pretty much the amount of chapters TTDOT has, so I think it’s safe to say the climax is reaching… James seems to be with Arianna now and what else left is there?

Fun things to talk about. Well on the flip side! And I guess I’m going to work on Chapter 29… Oh man this one is going to be so much fun to make!

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