To you dedicated readers

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To you dedicated readers

Thank you to Moon’s Biggest Fan / Reader. Although it has been five months, I came back. I came back because you are all so happy reading these stories. So I want to make you happy too with my stories. I noticed I got 4 downvotes or something, which makes me laugh. It makes me laugh because it means people see my message, which means it is indeed possible to be renowned. So, let me present to you my gift to the world. My story. - Ben

The Arks: Over Heaven

Prologue: Ill-Fated

The day was sunny. The day was bright. There were no clouds in sight. All that filled the skies was the light that poured in from the sun. It seemed like the perfect day. After all, for dear Samuel, it would be his last day at the confines of Terran High. The last day he’d have to spend in a hell that he called school.

Samuel was standing amongst a crowd, along with many other waiting graduates, each one wearing a black gown and graduation cap. They were watching the stage with anticipation, eager for the big moment.

“Are you excited?”

Samuel turned around, facing one of his closest friends, Nova. Nova had a big smile on her face, and her long black hair fell all the way down to her chest. Samuel had become friends with Nova during their freshman years, when they were paired next to each other in English. Samuel had forgotten his pencil at home accidentally, so he borrowed one from Nova, and thus blossomed their friendship. Samuel never really got close to anyone else after that, Nova was Samuel’s greatest friend, and no one could surpass her.

“Well, of course I’m excited! After we finally get our diplomas, we can get outta here and do whatever we want! We won’t have to wake up so early for school and stay up so late for homework, it’ll be like heaven!” Samuel answered.

“That does sound pretty cool, but things will be so boring now! We won’t see any more school fights or get any juicy gossip!” Nova complained.

“Uh huh, since that’s the most interesting thing in the world,” Samuel replied with a hint of sarcasm, rolling his eyes.

Before Nova could talk, someone walked up to the microphone and tapped on it, startling a large majority of the crowd. Standing on the stage was Mr. Mo, their principal. He was looking extra nice today, with his gray suit complementing his blue tie and combed back gray hair. He had many wrinkles across his face, and he had a jagged scar running down his eye. Many people always asked how he got that scar. He would always reply,

“When I was little, I would scratch my face whenever I got itchy, and one day I scratched a little too hard.”

Some speculated that that wasn’t the case, and that he got into a fight and that’s how he got it, but who knows? Samuel didn’t think it mattered anyway. He probably would never visit this school again, so it’s not like he needed to know how he got that scar.

Samuel’s thoughts were interrupted by Mr. Mo’s abrupt speech.

“Attention everyone. It truly has been a wild ride for all of you, huh? You spent the past 12 years, and now here you are, ready to move onto a new chapter and become men and women. You all worked hard to get here, and I applaud you for that. But now it’s time for you all to move on to a bigger future. It might sound scary, but I’m sure you all will do well as long as you put your heart into it. That’s all I have to say, now I’ll pass the mic onto our valedictorian, Aurora Romero!”

Everyone erupted into applause, cheers, and whistles as Mr. Mo stepped off the stage. Soon, a girl with glittering dark brown hair stepped onto the stage. Unlike the other graduates, she wore a white gown and white cap, and she had a red plume which reached all the way down to her shoulders. Her walk was elegant and filled with confidence.

“Seriously, take a look at this girl!” Nova groaned, “She got a 4.80 GPA. How is that even possible?! Does she not have a life or something? And she’s the best on the tennis team too, there’s no way she didn’t cheat on her finals!”

“Now, it’s not that big a deal. I know you always tried your hardest,” Samuel comforted her.

“It just doesn’t make sense, she’s naturally talented, it’s not fair!” Nova complained. Nova stopped talking, and looked back at Aurora with a pissed off look on her face. As Aurora began to speak in the microphone, a few girls in the crowd were cheering her on.

“Greetings, fellow students. It truly is an honor to be your valedictorian, to be here standing in front of you to give you my thanks. My appreciation goes out to my parents who supported me my entire life, my teachers who helped me get to where I needed to be, to my friends who were there whenever I felt lost and hopeless,” Aurora paused, as she seemed to be contemplating if she should keep on going. “And to my boyfriend, who I will never forget. He may not be with us anymore, but he’s the reason that I have a future now.”

Everyone went silent, as they seemed to be giving her a moment of silence to mourn. Not even Nova scoffed, as she looked on solemnly.

“But, enough of me. Mr. Mo is right. Starting today, we move onto a new chapter of our lives. We’re going to need to tough it out, because life won’t be so easy now. You think high school is hard? Just wait until you get a job! That’s what my parents would say, at least.”

“She’s gotta be kidding,” Samuel muttered as he turned white.

“And even if you weren’t the greatest student, it shouldn’t stop you from being a good person. You can do it, you can do whatever you want to do, just let your heart and mind lead the way, and you will always succeed. Life is hard, and tough times will come, but tough people will last,” Aurora closed her eyes and smiled, rubbing her eyes a little as she said, “That’s all for now.”

As Aurora stepped away from the microphone, Mr. Mo ran up and grabbed the microphone.

“What are you guys waiting for? Get ready to throw your caps up in the air!”

Everyone began to murmur in excitement, as they took hold of their caps.


The soon-to-be adults began to chant the countdown along with Mr. Mo. Samuel and Nova joined in too, smiles growing on their faces.


The screaming grew louder and louder to the point that Samuel’s ears started to hurt.


Suddenly Mr. Mo let out a loud gasp of pain, as he fell to his knees, clutching his wrist. Everyone stopped the countdown, and whispers began to radiate throughout the crowd.

“What’s going on? What happened to Mr. Mo?” the people asked. Just at that moment, Aurora screamed out too, visible pain across her face as her wrist began to bleed. As soon as Aurora started to cry out in pain, many more people in the crowd began to feel it too. By the dozen, everyone was writhing around, an unexplainable pain in their left wrist.

“AGHHHH!” Nova screamed as she fell. Samuel caught her, yelling, “Don’t worry, I got you!”

The sky above them suddenly began to generate clouds, and the blazing ball of fire they called the Sun began to move around the sky at an alarming rate. The sky seemed to be generating streaks of red, blue, and green, spinning around in a triangle and aiming right down at them.

Samuel looked up in horror as a bright light enveloped everyone, and before he knew it his conscience slipped away.

That’s all for the prologue! I know it's a little long at 1200 words. Please leave feedback or comments, and any questions you may have! Trust me, the actual Arks will be brought in Chapter 1, this is just the beginning. - Ben.

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