“Empires fall.” Chap3

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“Empires fall.” Chap3

“Everyone sit.” Blood announces to his captains in a bunker below the fort. “Last night it has dawned on me that soon enough we will have to ether give up. Or escape base...” He says with regret. “Any of you have ideas?” Blood asks. “Sadly I do not... I don’t think any of us do” A captain replies. An uncomfortable silence follows. Blood buries his head in on of his hands and scratchs the back of his head with the other hand. “I have heard from some sources that a gurrelia group will be within 1 mile of here...” Blood says. “Would it be possible to get at least a third of our forces out by Friday?” He asks. “Yes general. I think so.” A captain answers. Blood gives a sigh and then gets up. “Meeting dismissed” he mumbled as he exists the bunker and back up into the base.

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