The Sahara: ep 5

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The Sahara: ep 5

As the raptors moved on with their snoozing owner on stars back, they stumbled near a trench. Moon, knowing what to do then searched in lunar bag. Then moon found some simulants and gave them to lunar. The lunar yawned and woke. We’re are we? Lunar asked. Well, you were knocked unconscious and we found a deep trench, know what to do?

lunar then searched her book and yelled, YEP, RUN. What? Replied moon. Why? Said star. JUST RUN! Yelled then refused and walked closer to the trench. Moon scaredly fallowed. Then star felt a warm sensation

, and as she peeed over the lege she gasped. HOLY- Inside the trench was lava, nests, and these darkly colored flying figures. They were not pteranadons or tapijeras or Quetzals. They were blue, red, and green creatures. Then lunar said, β€˜guys, we are not ready for this.’ Moon agreed. Star then replied, FINE, but we are coming back. Moon then peeked in one more time, and she saw eggs covered in scales. Are those- eggs?

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