Ahhh, my dodo army. How it began:

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Ahhh, my dodo army. How it began:

Me: hmm a dodo maybe I should start egg farm for kibble.

Dodo:HAIII HUMAN CAN U BE OWNER? OW *gets smacked by club*


Also me: tame dodo

Game: you have tamed a lv 11 dodo!

My mind: DODO ARMY!

Me:tame more just tame more

10 mins later:DODO ARMY!

I should start breeding them for big boi dodo I have the bit to make it damage evry known material....

1 ark day later: YEIS I HAVE 9 DODOS NOW ONE OF THEM I APSLUTE MASIVE! (Size 1.40)

I should breed big shadow boi with white gurl...

Game: eggs hatch

Me: OMG TWINS!!!!!!!!!! (I named the twins flip and flap btw)

Now I have a army of 12 dodos and I am still going. Hope u enjoined!

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