THE SWARM ep I of the Sahara: It was a hot day as normal.

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THE SWARM ep I of the Sahara: It was a hot day as normal. Ughh when will it cool down??? Asked moon. Sigh, I don’t know! Stop asking evry ten seconds! Snapped star. Star and moon we’re two velociraptor twins. Ugh, there are dumb gas-bags everywhere. At least it’s a good source of food. Whispered star to herself. They then saw a little pool of water. It was dirty and full of muck, but it will do. Waterrrrrrr! Yelled moon. Shhh! I smell tracks of a Rex. Be quiet. Said star. Moon then collapsed onto the ground. Star started dragging her pathetic twin. Stop acting like a baby! Snapped star. Star then look up and saw five black figures in the sky, circling them in the sky. Star put her claws above her eyes and looked up. Those don’t look like dumb Pteranodons. Oh well. Said star. The figures then looked biger, and they were definitely NOT pteranodons. They got bigger and bigger, until they stoped. Moon looked up and said, uhhh star? What are those things? Star replied, the heat is probably just getting to us, now get up and start walking. Okay. Ughhhh. Moon said.they then drank the water, and moved on. (This is part 1)

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