Once apana time I traped an otter.

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Once apana time I traped an otter. Long story short I tamed it. Ehem, let me make this dramatic. It was a dark stormy day when I was on my pteranodon. We heard a squeak. We came to investigate and right upon our eyes was an otter. It filled my mind up with happiness and joy, even though it was dark and it was raining. I grabbed it with my pteranodon and trapped it, many many days passed, trying to find fish.but it did not starve, like as if it had a fish stash. I finaly got some raw fish and fed it, I event ate a peace on acadent. But then after 1 hour I tamed it. I had to name it: tHe EpIc KiNg Of OtTeRs. He still sits on his throne to this day, looking for a epic queen.

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