THE SWARM ep 2 of the Sahara: the twins walked, and walked, and walked, for hours.

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THE SWARM ep 2 of the Sahara: the twins walked, and walked, and walked, for hours. AUGH! Yelled moon with a groan. Shut up and let’s keep moving! Snapped star. Moon replied, when will we find our owner, lunar again? I don’t know... just shut up and keep walking. Replied star. Aughh... groaned moon. Ugh, I guess we can stop for a rest. Said star. Star then started digging in the ground with her long claws and make a den. The twins then snugly squeezed each other in, nearly collapsing the small den. Moon then fell asleep. Star woke to some heavy foot steps and squawking. She peeked out from the den and saw some vultures attacking a Rex. Soon enough, the Rex fell to the ground. One vulture squawked, Finally food! In an awkward voice. We just ate an hour ago, Jim. Squawked another in a deeper voice. Star then woke moon and whispered, RUN! They then ran and ran from the area were the vultures were. One vulture snapped, RAPTORS! GET EM BOYS! Four vultures then flew over to the raptors and cornered then against a rock. The vultures waved in closer, and closer. Until, moon grabbed her twins claws and jumped past them, the got her sister upright and they ran as fast as they could. One vulture caut up to them, star just clawed at its chest, almost killing it. The other vultures flew to the injured vulture to help. The twins ran so far away, they could not see, or hear them anymore. Danget! Snapped one of them well uh, maybe some of us should have kept chasing them, boss.

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