Night of the tek: prt 1

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Night of the tek: prt 1



Chars: sky, Sunshine, Tooth, Claw, Scorch, and Skystar

Skystar chuckled loudly)


Sky: Skystar, quiet down. Your having too much fun with your pet Roll Rat while I'm trying to get sleep!

Skystar:Sorry mom..

Until suddenly, there was a shake


Skystar: Mama what is it?! (She would grab hold of the roll rat tight and take cover)

Skystar: Is it an Earthquake?

Sky: Worse. Its Scorch.

(There were thorough screeches and yells as oil splashed on walls and stained the ground)

Sky: (gets grabbed)

Skystar:MAMA NO!

(Sky was killed as she was decapitated by the Magamar, Scorch and was headed for Skystar)

Scorch: Come out, come out, wherever you are..

(Skystar flew away without being noticed)

Skystar older: That day, I was always horrified of Magamars..

10 likes for part 2:)

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