Life of a theiz-

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Life of a theiz-

One day, a theiz was walking peacefully walking through the forest, grabbing berries and taking naps Then, one day, the theiz heard a loud rumble. T-rex? No. Carnotorus? No. It was a stampede! The theiz ran for its life, trying to hide. When it did, there were small footsteps unfamiliar to the theiz. They were humans. The theiz popped out of its hiding spot, and then was noticed. The humans started throwing spears, but the theiz escaped. Another day, there were even smaller footsteps. It was a little lost lystrosaurus. The theiz thought smart and tried to make the lystro its pet, which worked. Another day, the theiz and lystro saw the home that the humans lived in, made of thatch and wood. While the humans were asleep, there were dodos everywhere, gaurding the base. The theiz felt bad for the tamed dodos, and grabbed them and threw them into the wild to be free. The dodos roamed, ate berries, and took naps. The humans woke of to the sound of the lystro bellowing. It was a distress call for other herbivores to help. There was a Tyrannosaurus rex! The humans woke up to see the T-rex and theiz fighting off. One of the humans said "That's the theiz that we saw yesterday!" The thiez looked behind it to see that the humans were poking the theiz's back and shoving it closer to the T-rex mouth. The lystro was still bellowing, but then nipped the humans. The theiz fought of the T-rex while the lystro fought the humans! One of the humans had enough and stabbed the lystro, nearly killing it. The theiz looked behind it to see the lystro bleeding. The theiz turned around and roared with its claws wide open, mercilessly killing the humans. The theiz grabbed its injured lystro and took him back into the woods. The T-rex destroyed the base and ate the dead bodies of the humans and did its roar.

This is why a theiz is so aggressive to nearby humans, to try to protect it pet lystrosaurus.


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