Ep 1, chap 1

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Ep 1, chap 1

The crystal world

An egg far from reach of any thing, started to crack.

It heard something..the sound of flapping, and then a thud.

(THUD!) It was the wyvern mother. However, just as she landed, the world had started to collapse. The mother had fallen into a deep pit, never to be seen again.

Years passed by, and the landscape had changed. There were Crystal's of all colors, lakes gleaming in the sun, and an egg sitting on a ledge, with crystals on its shell.

The egg started to make noises, and a *crack!*

The egg had hatched. It was a beautiful magenta white, with crystals on her back and a skull pattern on her head.

She looked around this strange world, filled with dinosaurs and such.

This was the start, of a new crystalized world.

Made by Jill, 10 likes for episode 2 :D

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