Alright... Let me tell you kids a story. There once was a man named George. George loved the redwoods. He built a huge treehouse and had many argy tames. He always woke up each day and went to collect metal for trading and upgrading his mighty treehouse. Then one day disaster struck. He say that Ark had released a new update with many tames. He had thought many times about getting some new tames besides argys but never did. He relized this was the PERFECT chance to get a new and fascinating tame. He first started with the Thera, a mighty sloth-looking creature. He sat for 2 hours and 59 minutes and was almost done taming his new friend. Then the disaster came. It was nightfall. He had heard of the Troodon's howling and screaming at night, but he had never experienced it. The very sound of them loudly screaming made his spine crawl with pure fear. He then saw it. THE GREEN EYES! They came closer and closer from the woods until they were there, staring at him and his Thera. They all died

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