So I was walking along the beach in search of an easy kill, like a dilophosaurus, because my friend and I we’re starting to feel the effects of hunger after eating only berries for a week. Prior to this, we had just learned about troodons by reading their dossier, and were terrified. We were new survivors and had just recently found ourselves stranded on this island, so we had just gotten over our terror of dilo’s. To feel that kind of cautious fear renewed again was not fun, so we crept cautiously along the beach in search of food. Suddenly, as we walk around a rock, my friend says, “ooh, a compy!” And runs up to kill it. I walk to see her hunt and a jolt of terror runs down my spine. “THAT’S A [email protected]$&%*G TROODON!!!” I yell, but just as I do, it turns around with a mean glare in its eyes. We had gone to hunt while day was still on to avoid trouble, but as soon as that [email protected]%r turned around the sun set and a terrifying orange glow lit up in its eyes. You can guess what happened next.

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