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I was waking and minding my own business and collecting wood with my level 244 beavers. everything going fine, sun sets, feel like I should get back home. I'm riding my beaver when I see a pair of glowing eyes blinking curiously in in the underbrush. I think, "NOPE NOPE NOPE" and run. It catches up (cuz beavers are FUC KIN slow,) and molests me and my precjous beavers. My beavers are laying on the ground and dead, and I am allowed by the troodon to mourn for a few seconds. Then it toe- jabs me and knocks me out, and molests me again.

It eats my beavers.

It now lives in a little pen with me giving it dodos to eat every other day. It hunts for me and helps me tame things.

YES, I tamed it with my dear beavers.

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