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Troodon song:

I tend to become vicious,

Looking for something nutritious,

Between the hours ten and five at night,

So in the dark be ready for a fright,

I can be scared with something bright,

My venom is quite deadly,

And I use it very readily,

So if at night you see a glow,

It is proof you'd better go,

I like to hide in shadows

In forests, swamps or meadows,

Beware if we are together,

We rip quickly through cloth or leather,

Flak or fur,

We find it quite a lure,

And in the dark we sing this song,

To warn your friends away from our throng,

As we feast on your blood and flesh,

Then raise yet another demon kresh,

To kill humans in legions,

Especially in southern regions,

And then we dance 'til dawn,

And make you wish you'd never been born

A hiss is a sign of our presence,

A sound that many a survivor now resents,

So in the dark we creep along,

And sing this troodon song,

And as it is quite long,

It goes on until morning,

Then in the shade we begin mourning,

The brilliant night we had

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