This section describes how to fight against the Troodon.


It is not advised to engage in combat with a Troodon in melee range as these cheeky buggers are small, move very fast, and their poisons cause rapid torpor gain that is not lessened by Riot Gear. Fight them mounted, or keep stimberries on your hotbar and constantly eat them while fighting. However the latter is less likely to work against more than one Troodon.


Their venom only drains stamina on other creatures but adds torpidity to survivors, so as listed above it is advisable to fight them on a mount. Any mount will do, since Troodons have low HP, but high stamina is advised. If you must dispatch of a Troodon then do so during the day if you can help it. They can very easily conceal themselves in environments dense with foliage, rocks and trees so be sure to take all pack mates into account before attacking.


To combat a Troodon, use either a tamed & mounted dino or ranged weapons so it can't knock you out. You can also try to throw a bola at it. Then you can just use a range weapon, or a melee weapon with reach to kill it (i.e. Pike). Avoid getting too close.


Troodons are considerably stronger at night. Their aggro range and speed increase by a large amount. A huge danger to early game Survivors. They also gain pack bonus similar to compies, max of +4 only works at night. Packs usually consist of 3-4 individuals.


Long ranged weapons such as the Crossbow can nullify the Troodon's torpor effect if used properly. Troodon are scared of most light sources and will run away from campfires and torches, carry one on you to deter attacks

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