Earlier I went into the jungle to get a supply crate. I saw a Troodon that I thought was alone. I pulled out my sword to kill it. An entire pack came after me. I killed them all but fell unconscious. I got back up and started running away after realizing I risked my life for a water jar blueprint. Another pack of Troodons attacked me. I luckily defeated them, but fell unconscious again. I woke up again with 10 health. I was also overheating, but there was a stream of water just outside of the jungle. After waking up, I limped into the stream where I cooled down, healed up, then left to go back to Herbivore Island. I hate Troodons. I also really dislike blue supply crates now because it gave me a water jar blueprint after nearly dying to two packs of Troodons.

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