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Finds a baby troodon lost in the jungle* sees raptors hunting it- me: I have to do something. Oh dang gosh forgot I left my good weapons at home but I'm not gonna leave the baby alone. Troodon scared doesnt notice the raptors stalking him- -a raptor comes jumping out- me: -gets my only weapon a stick and a stone throws stone at raptors head- raptor gets mad at me and tells his pack to attack me I use the stick to stab the raptors in the eye a raptor jumps on me- me: pulls out a gun the troodon somehow found and gave to me- me: puts mlg glasses on loads gun with armor piercing bullets points at raptor alpha pulls trigger does not shoot due to it being jammed me:uh oh raptors gonna bite me ain't it -_-. Raptor jumps on me licks me- me: I recognize him it's the baby I raised and released must have found a family. Me:there lucky they have a family I'm lost and alone,tears start to run down my eyes baby troodon rubs my eyes and starts acting playful. Hears a rex behind me,says uh oh gets ea

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