I’m new to ark.

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I’m new to ark.so know nothing here. Every creature surprise me in way that scares me. Mostly contacts with other dino like titanobona scared the shit out of me , luckily I was with my Parasaur then ran away from it.

Anyways I flew high and found a valcano then decided to visit there with my pteranodon. It’s high level one I tamed and kept it so safe after lost my first pterna to titanobona. Anyways when we flying I noticed many titanobona and also evening time so thought to return back so while returning my pterano was out of stamina when looking down to rest saw many titano so decided to go inside redwood since it looked so calm. That’s it we didn’t land alive. That’s how I met my first thylo. I didn’t even think to go back to take my stuff.

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