Me and my friend started a server.

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Me and my friend started a server. We managed to clutch tame a 162 thyla. After she nearly attacked or knocked out carno. After dealing with 2 golems we finally got her tamed. We named her queen. She was a champ... We loved her. She helped us defeat the ice queen on rag several times. Thyla blood op am i right. We used her on the golem boss. We defeated it.... As we were leaving.... I was jumping a gap of lava.... A lag spike hit rubber banding me back... She fell into the lava... She gave her life so i could grapple to safety.... We have a grave set up for her on her favourite spot.... She leaves us with her children... Mutated thylas named ruby shade and topaz..

Shell forever remaim in our hearts and minds... Rest in peace queen our best friend....

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