I actually tamed one of these on accident.

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I actually tamed one of these on accident. I had built a trap for taming a Trike and when searching for one to agro I got jumped at by a Thyla and freaked out and ran to my base but the beast just jumped right into my trap. After that it was easy to knock him out with my tranqs. I named him Cole btw, he was a great guy. But just like any story about your perfect pet on ark.... you lose them. We were on a metal run and I was taking him because he can jump far. When I saw some metal I got off and started hitting it but suddenly I got attacked by 3 terror birds and Cole jumped right off a cliff to catch one. Normally these guys can survive a fall but after saving me from the terror bird he had fallen into a swamp :( . Instantly he was ambushed by a Kapro and two Sarcos. He fought well and killed the first Sarco but in the end he died. I have a gravestone at my old base which reads β€œ here lies a great frienship that came about by what seems to have been chance but was the invisible connection between him and his soon to be owner that would spend so much time together and still be protecting his beloved friend to his death.” RIP Cole 😰πŸ˜₯😭

This valiant Thyla who life was so unfair to. I just wish I had more time to tell him how much he meant to me. 😟

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