I’m so concerned- I know these spawn in the redwoods and…

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I’m so concerned- I know these spawn in the redwoods and I made a base near the rocky island at the beach. South of the island. You know where I mean. Everyone starts there. I’m level 21 and I was going to tame a sarco. Whilst I was just outside the swamp near the river. This white bird charged at me. I ran away and quickly equipped by bow. Knocked it out and since I forgot to bring meat (would’ve been bad if I did find a sarco) I fed it my cooked meat and gave it 20 bio toxin. I accidentally hit a level 80 trike whilst harvesting a para for meat and had to kill two with tranq arrows (such fun, defo recommend it XD) Then I saw a raptor eating a trike right next to me and I had no arrows so I was like NOPE- I ran to my base which is that island with the rocks that you can build under. Took my trike called green bean, took some bio toxin and meat from my diplo (he is my storage Dino bc he has 1k weight) and I charged back not expecting the bird to still be alive bc of the raptor. THE THING WAS STILL ALIVE SOMEHOW??? So I leaped off green bean boi and fed the terror bird bio toxin (his torpor was SUPER low) and fed him meat and just chilled with my green bean. I saw two barrys in the river and was ready to fight. I tamed the terror bird up and named it albino bc it was fully white. Ran home and sat wondering. WHY WAS THERE A TERROR BIRD NOWHERE NEAR THE REDWOODS? WHATS NEXT, GRIFFINS ROAMING AROUND THE SWAMP!?!?

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