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Best not to go alone when taming. The Tapejara Flys 3x the height of a Phteredon normally so you are more likely to find this one at higher altitudes. If possible use Chain Bola on the back of a Quetzal, DO NOT GET CLOSE, although they have very little stamina and speed when tamed, but hardly ever need to land when wild. Best thing to do is to scare it closer to your base then tranq it. If you don't have anyone else, using a parachute and a high lvl crossbow will be necessary. Jump off your bird of choice then use parachute, whistle follow and begin to get close as possible. Shoot ahead of the Bird right after it turns. When it lands DO NOT STARVE TAME. Its too hard to feed the prime meat it needs. Put raw asap unless Allosaurus kibble is at hand. Keep a close eye on it, use spike walls and a door to close off from any predators due to low health, Good luck Taming!

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