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To tame a Tapejara is actually, pretty easy, first things first, you will need:

-A saddled flying creature

-At least 3 bolas, in case you miss bolas in him(if you are feeling lucky, you can make only one, but I don't recommend it at all)

-Some Rare Flowers

-Club, Bow or crossbow(with tranq arrows, or else you will kill it)

-A lot of Meat(like, 20-40, only to tame eat, you probably will want more as he will get hungry after tamed), or at least 4-7 Prime Meat

-Narcotics(optional, in case of the Tapejara taking too long to tame, good having some as a backup)

How to do it: when you spot the Tapejara, use the rare flowers and make it aggro you. After that, get to land, exit your mount(recommend to put it to Passive, or your Tapejara will get killed), and bola it. After that, shoot/hit it with tour weapon of choice until you knock it out. Give it the food of choice(recommend also protecting it, as it has a low health and can easily be killed by raptors), and wait until tamed. CONGRATULATIONS, Now you have a Tapejara !! Hope this guide helped

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