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Super difficult mobile tames so ima do mobile players a favor. Ima do the ghillie suit tame and no suit tame. With gillie suit it is important you don’t bring a pet close to it. It will heed no attention to you but get scared by the pet and fly away. Bola the tapejara and knock it out with preferably a rifle with darts. If you just start out and seriously want one then here u go. Find a tapejara and keep your distance. Seriously. After you pull off a successful bola throw, hurry and start beating the heck out of it with a club. There u go. The taming part isn’t as hard but the knocking out part is difficult. Also a little pro tip, for mobile players, dunno if it works on other consoles, but if it sees you, let it fly out of the render distance so it “disappears” after you do that, run toward the direction it flew in and voila it is not scared anymore. Hope this helped!

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