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Easy solo tame! Get on a flying mount with high health. Tapejara usually have low meele damage but I go with high health flyer in case. Couple thousand health And over 1000 stamina.

What you do is put 100 rare blue flowers in your hot bar ( or more depending on how far you have to lure it ). When you see the tepejara fly up to it and eat a good amount of rare blue flowers. Keep an eye on the timer. Don't let it go out or it will fly away. The tepejara will attack you and you just need to get to the ground in a safe area. rememeber everything else will attack on ground. I usually fly to my taming pen and land in it so nothing can get inside. Get off your mount and BOLA the tepejara while it's attacking your flyer ( remember passive mode !) Then tranq darts or arrow. Darts are better less damage, it only take a few. Don't worry if it's a low level, tepejaras level up fast. I tame them solo constantly this way. Never had help one time with a tapejara tame. Happy taming :)

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