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From personal experience I believe if you play on a PvE server that the Tapejara is best suited for hauling items around considering it has low boosts when you put levels in Hp or Attack. Therefore you should put most of the points if not all into Weight and Speed. It very mobile as well, since it can move forwards, backwards, and side to side. It also has a three person saddle it can be very useful in PvP. It is very fragile so be careful when you have tribe mates using the gunner seats if they accidentally hit the Tapejara and you may kill the bird. Especially be cautious with rocket launchers they will do heavy amounts of damage to the Tapejara. Also note it can be hard for your tribe mates in the gunner seats to aim if you put to many points into movement speed. I suggest pausing for a second to let them shoot then move to strafe enemy weaponry.

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