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I LOVE the tapujaras! And also I think they are better than pteradons.(probably gonna get ALOT od hate on what I just said) But its because 1.they can atatch on trees to get their Stamina! Meanwhile your SAFE! BUT the pteradons to get stamina you need to go on the ground where it's dangerous. 2. TAPUJARAS HAVE 2 SEATS AND FROM EACH ONE OF THEM YPU CAN SHOOT (perfect for giga taming,or wyvern egg stealing. BUT THE PTERADON HAS ONLY ONE SEAT AND YOU CANT SOOT FROM IT. 3. ALSO TAPUJARAS HAVE MORE STAMINA THAN PTERADONS AND STAMINA IS REALLY IMPORTANT FOR FLYERS. THE ONLY REASON PTERADONS CAN BE BETTER THAN TAPUJARAS IS THEIR MELEE DAMAGE,SPEED AND SPRINT. BUT TAPUJRARS HAVE BETTER HEALTH AND STAMINA. BUT STILL I THINK TAPUJARAS ARE BETTER THAN PTERADONS. ^ DO THAT IF TOU AGREE

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