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How to raise a good a Tapejara

1. You will need the following: Gillie armor, bola, tranq dart ( tranq arrows don’t work trust me)

2. Even with the Gillie suit if you get too close they will Argo and fly away so have your bola ready

3. Do head shot with tranq dart(actually nvm tranq arrows should work if you bola them but don’t headshot with tranq arrows)

4. Use raw prime meat for a fast and easy tame

5. Optional if you have kibble but I could make your life easier: have a good supply of narco berries. (Narcotics recommend)

6. Once tamed there saddle is fairly simple to craft but metal ingots can be hard to get.

7. They have no turning raidous when flying.

8. There saddle has 3 seats ( one driver, two passengers,)

Thank you for reading take good care of your flyer and all tames too bye

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