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Okay this is probably gonna sound stupid but... it’s just a thought, so if you don’t like it, DON’T LOOK AT IT!!

The fact that these guys are so distrustful and shy towards humans is so embarrassing that it sometimes makes me feel a little bad for them... So there should be an option to passively tame them, where we just apply bug repellent and wear ghillie armor. From there, they will only get scared and fly off if we come into PHYSICAL contact with them.

They would accept all meat (probably including fish meat, since they’d likely either scavenge off of dead bodies of a more aggressive carnivore’s rampage, and would probably also eat fish to avoid conflict, as they are shy, yet carnivorous). They’d also accept Chitin, as the wiki mentions that they were piscivores IRL.

The only problems I see are:

A. Most people likely wouldn’t use it and stick to the tradition.

B. Bug repellent is meant for insects. Tapejara are pterosaurs. I’m not sure it would affect Tapejara.

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