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I tamed 6 of these guys in a little over an hour. (Have 14 now because I absolutely love them) They’re not that difficult after you learn how to use the bola. On crystal isles, far right side of map in the middle, there is a valley of floating islands that has tiers on each side and waterfalls/rainbows at the back. (I’m new so don’t know the regions yet) Land a pteranodon a little ways away once the tapejara lands (I say this because these are the easiest bird to tame- also with a bola).. once I got better at the bola, I just run up on them and bola them before they take off. Then tranq it 3-4 times in head (depending on level). It goes down before bola breaks.. feed it kibble/ mutton for quickest results but regular raw meat will do fine, just slower. The majority of this area is non predators (as long as you’re not at the top near the water and giant jumping spider crabs try to eat you lol)- your Tappy will be safe

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