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On ark Mobile around the green Obelisk, I have never seen so many In my life. I’ve seen many cool / pretty colors of the Tapejaras. Around the green Obelisk on mobile, I have estimated I have seen 15 around the green Obelisk. I have found one by the river of the obelisk, and 100 meters away ANOTHER right in the entrance of the small jungle, MORE by the swampy, cross redwood and swamp areas. I managed to tame this the hard way. I used a pteranodon and brought and Tranq long neck rifle, keep fleeing. Finally managed to land in safe place, now I figured out it could’ve been easier ALOT with ghille, a bola, and some rare flowers that Argo it. I don’t know why but I tamed it easily the hard way, but wow, I have never realized there are so many and so easy to tame once you understand the concept of taming these, absolutely easy to tame and mutate it, breed it a crud ton and get a overpowered Tapejara With either high melee, speed, stamina, weight, whatever. Hope you learned from here, bye...

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