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If it's possible to have a Quetz on the server you're trying to tame it on, have a platform saddle on the Quetz and start by putting foundations(and if needed) ceilings in a 4x4 square on the platform next use door frames and put them stacked 3 high on all sides then put ceilings to cover the top and then find a Tapejara you want to tame and fly straight behind it, after a few attempts(or maybe the first time for some people) the Tapejara will glitch through the door frames making it trapped and after that you can knock it out and begin taming. WARNING: if possible try not to be next to Tapejara when knocking it out it has a chance of making you glitch through the foundations and your Quetz causing you to fall to your death, I recommend after trapping it fly down near the ground and start knocking it out. HappyTaming!!

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