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Hi I'm epic jelly and today I'm going to be teach you how to tame one of these headless chicken's. Step 1. The tapejara is skittish and will fly away when aproacht ore when winding a bola up on LAND but they don't run if you aproacht and wind up from waters so find one near water and wind bola in water and surprise throw it

Step 2. Knock it out with club,slingshot,crossbow and tranq ore longneck rifle and darts ECT.

This ring tames sowely without kibble do you're going to want prime meat ore kibble

Step 3. Keep it onconcius long enoth(if you're a mobile player buy a soothing balm).

Step 4. Give you're tapejara a sick name

Step 5. Enjoy you're new ride that can carry more than a pteranadon and is faster then a pteranadon(it can also hang on 90-160 degrees cliffs(meaning very steep ore overhangs)

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