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These guys are inherently shy and will fly away if you get too close for their comfort, which is their primary reaction for fear of entering a fight. However, this can be combatted in two ways: The first is to equip ghillie armor and bring a bola. You can get even closer to them using ghillie armor than other armors, so get close enough to be able to successfully hit them with the bola. But don’t get too close or you’ll still scare them regardless of the ghillie armor anyway. If ghillie armor is not available to you at the moment for some reason, then when a Tapejara lands, charge at it with your bola swinging until your hugging it’s wing. When it gets scared and flinches, immediately throw the bola and then knock it out. Feed it whatever meat you have after this for a while and it will start to trust you and eventually it will even love you enough so-as to be fully tamed.

Hopefully this helps anyone who wants a Tapejara in their animal tribe.

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