I had a spino for a while.

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I had a spino for a while. I named him Spineapple, thanks to a name suggestion from here. He was a great spino. I tamed him with a regular bow and tranq arrows. Heโ€™d been with me through so much. One day, I did a tidy save to get a quetzal to spawn so I could tame it. This also caused a titanosaur to spawn at my base. I evacuated my tames (except my megalosaurus but pretty much nothing attacks him so I feel safe leaving him for now) to the next island over. Then, I decided I would kill the titano so I didnโ€™t have to worry about it. My plan was to hop on Spineapple, attack it, and lure it out to sea to kill it. Unfortunately, Spineapple got stuck between some trees and was stomped on too hard by the titano. Rip Spineapple, he died to my own poor decision making.

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