This is the current story of my trike, Titanslayer.

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This is the current story of my trike, Titanslayer. Let’s start from the beginning. There was a titanboa nearby, and I decided to saddle up my pachy and try to kill it. But I saw it was fighting a trike. I decided to wait for the trike to weaken the boa and then go in. But then the trike won. I went over to harvest the boa, and found the trike unconscious. I tamed her and named her Titanslayer, because she spayed the titanboa. She was level 21, so pretty high for my world (I play on easy, sue me). Eventually, I crafted a trike saddle and would ride her around. The dangerous area warning no longer phased me, as we could deal with pretty much anything. Then one day, I decided to go hunting for raptors to tame. I traveled far away from my camp, taking on a sarco, baryonyx, and spino with little trouble. Titanslayer and I were invincible. But then, the second worst thing happened. I found a raptor and hopped off to bola it, but the bola failed. The raptor pounced on me. I thought Titanslayer would get it before I died, but she didn’t. So here I was. Dead with Titanslayer miles away. Fortunately I’d been checking the map as I went along, so I had a rough idea of where she was. I tried respawning near there, and was killed. Reluctantly, I respawned back at my camp. I have a plan to get her back: saddle up a pteranodon and fly to the island where I last saw her. Unfortunately, I’m not a high enough level for a ptera saddle. I have faith Titanslayer will survive until I can get to her. She’s an absolute beast. I miss her

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