As I flew over a river, I saw a Rex, two spinos and a carno,

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As I flew over a river, I saw a Rex, two spinos and a carno,

The Rex got low hp form fighting an anky and then went after a bronto. Roaring into the bronto, I perched on a nearby rock to watch the battle presume, the bronto started runing soon after and then fell a few hundred feet from where they where first. I took off the watch as the rex ate the bronto, he was at 97 hp so I swooped in and killed him.

I went and perched on another large rock next to one of the spinos, and the carno tried to walk up the rock and a scorpion flew off the cliff, and then the spino came over.

Me knowing it could reach me, I flew off and watched as the spino teared the carno apart. Then I realized that, not one, but TWO scorpions coming after the spino, I was sure they would knock him out. As the spino swung his giant claws at the two scorpions. Soon killing one, the spino knew it was all easy going from here and took out the other scorpion. As me above thinking: this is the bravest spino ever.

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