As we left off in the ammonite page:

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As we left off in the ammonite page:


Me and my mosa were in front of a horde of megs

Me: let’s break thease punks

My mosa roars

As my mosa snaps a meg in half what we didint know was the alpha mosa was behind the horde. As we broke the last meg in half, I look over as an alpha mosa dashes tword us.

Me: AAAH! Buddy, time for our army!

I whistle for my tames, as an army of ithys and megs fly tword the alpha mosa, as I rush in with my tames and rip the alpha mosa to shreds, I get tons of messages that all my tames where dying. The alpha soon died and all I had were a few megs and barely any ichthys.


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