# p2 yeee i got a new tip now.

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# p2 yeee i got a new tip now. I heard a whistle IT WAS JERRY ON THE BACK OF THE QEUTZ WITH A SNIPER AND HE ACTUALLY SNIPED ONE OF THE GUYS OFF!!! I instantly took advantage of the flyer Being on passive

And killed his tropeo witch was named. Drumroll please.... MR PEW PEW


Anyway I eventually killed the other guy’s tropeo and we killed mrs. pew pew.... lol anyaway i killed the guy that was on the tropeo and he said in chat after he respawned. i assume. Fu*k u. Yep he said that in chat.

AFTER THEY ENGAGED US!!!! Anyways glacia saved the cargo qeutz named carl and glacia got a new ember crystal wyvern buddy named volcano!

He was great. And i please ask you to upvΓΈte this tip. I want my story to be seen by others so please. Its free you can always undo it. And i will see ya later my name?? At the end of every tip will be #owl guy. except part one of this short saga bye!

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