Sir Seth Edmonson explorer notes 4: the mesopithicus…

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Sir Seth Edmonson explorer notes 4: the mesopithicus similar to the modern chimp might just be more related to humans than chimpanzees! Theyre intelligence is unrivaled by most of the island creatures ive seen. I even taught a mesopithicus to lockpick locked doors of enemy tribes! I will be on a tribe’s doorstep soon to showcase the mesopithicus i taught to lockpick doors, i imagine they will be intrigued. Tommorow after i rest with my raptor fury by my side (note i did not meant to implie i was using my raptor fury to write this note on a previous post (note 2 in raptor section) so just to clear that up :D) i will arrive to the β€œnew legion”’s doorstep tomorrow to see if maybe even they could trade me taming supplies and training stables in return for my circus mesopithicus! -Sir Seth Edmonson

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