Sir Seth Edmonson Explorer Notes 3: The griffin is a…

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Sir Seth Edmonson Explorer Notes 3: The griffin is a mythological beast i did not expect a tribe to bring at my doorstep today, the natives of this island seem to be advancing my domestication methods to soothe even the most vicious of beasts. I was told i was the โ€œBeast Kingโ€ and heard about a woman referred to as a mercanery and โ€œthe beast queenโ€ i inted to meet this โ€œqueenโ€ soon as it appears she was one of the first survivors to take up my taming methods. How intresting these creatures called griffins are, they are even commonly trained to โ€œgriffin diveโ€ and do immense damage to creatures around them! I wonder why the natives take these creatures to be a symbol of an ragnarok or armageddon.. they are very intresting as they cant breed with other griffin species making me curious to how they survive in the ecosystem.... -Sir Seth Edmonson

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