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Are you considering taming a shadowmane? I may have some ideas on how you can! But first as with all of these, everything I say in this tip is entirely up to you to decide, however you tackle this beast in however you feel necessary with :D Now let’s get started shall we? Ok this is not a common beginners tame, as it’s a timed passive tame creature! If you have access to a rockdrake, I suggest bringing one to use it’s cloaking ability to scope one out! I also recommend some cactus broth to keep you undercover when things go south (medical brews might be necessary when dealing with these guys for the first time) also I recommend bringing flak/ Tek /or ghillie as you eithor want full taming effectiveness or just simply do not want to die! Now let’s start off with the taming supplies: All you need is tons of fish baskets and determination! Now let’s figure out where to find these guys! I’ve located them in fjordur, they spawn in asgards rockdrake laggoon! They hang out near the shore as well as the little islands within it! And this is where the chaotic taming process begins! Step 1: whip out your fish basket and yoink some fish ( most of the fish will do, as long as they are bigger than 0.5 size however the bigger the fish the faster and better taming and taming effectiveness will be) Step 2: grab your rock drake and use the cloak ability, this will make you invisible to basically anything! Step 3: Find one that’s alone (or go the passive aggressive way of finding a pack of them, single out one and beat the rest up) Why one that’s alone you may be wondering, because packs are harder to sneak up on, and why sneak up on them? Because you tame them while they sleep, they sleep for about 10/15 seconds until they wake up, then they walk arround and if they don’t see anything worth chasing down they will go back to sleep, however they have 2 blind spots and a single one will be a sitting duck to tame, because a pack of them may take advantage of this! They cannot see behind they’re back or they’re tail, to feed them the fish you have to crouch and sneak up to them using said blindspot and feed them, this is another part where the drake steps in, once you feed it the fish, you stealthily yet swiftly make your way to the drake to once again cloak, as the shadowmane will wake up and go invisible to hunt you down! Since the shadowmane cannot see you can simply follow it until it becomes visible once again and goes straight back to bed! Rinse and repeat! Eventually you got yourself a all and all great tame! What can this lion crossbred with a lion fish do? I can explain! Alright this creature is well rounded out, it’s attacks are swift and when attacking a creature will slowly generate a buff making its attacks more and more powerful! Ever seen a rapter attacking something? Pfft this things practically a ninja! It can be ridden without a saddle but if you look in its inventory it has its own natural armor! Also this creature has a pack ability when you tame a male and a few females, the male (when you hold down c and right click) will roar giving every shadowmane in the vicinity another buff, it consists of armor boosting, a damage buff, and not to mention a major speed buff! Also the shadowmane has multiple diffrent ability’s consisting: of a huge leap (doesn’t require mateboost), a flash attack( basically goes top speed and smacks whatever creature is closest) and the cloaking ability, its pretty self explanatory, other than its kinda slow! I hope my info will help you along the way! Good luck!

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