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Have tamed a few of them now.

Passive tame using fish caught in Fish Basket in your 0-slot.

Larger X value fish seem to giver higher percentage tame per feed.

Fish Basket Tips:

1) Place basket in water and it will take several seconds before it is active. Once active you watch for fish to go near it and press E to catch it in the trap.

2) Fish in basket have a spoil timer. Place basket on hotbar and get in the water to refresh spoil timer.

3) Fish in basket can be released (into protected waters for security) and be “tamed”. You can later come back and put a basket down again to quickly re-catch the fish again. This allows you to have fish on standby for when you happen upon that particular Shadowmane you have been wanting.

4) Waiting on fish to get near basket can be a test in patience. Piranaha however will attack you, and can therefore be kited to a basket, where you will have a split second to catch it in the basket before it destroys the basket.

Taming Shadowman Tips:

1) Where Full Ghillie

2) The Shadowmane will do a few little circles when it is about to goto sleep

3) Crouch when within 30m of them.

4) I seemed to notice that if I had something in my hands, then they would wake just before I got there…so I go in empty handed.

5) If it aggros you, then taming will reset to 0.0%…so dont let it aggro you

6) As soon as you feed it, turn around and run away a good distance.

7) The taming does not wear off unless you get aggro…so be patient.

8) If there, is more than one Shadowmane in the group, it isnt required, but sure is easier if you take the time to split the group (fly high above in tek suit and shoot the unwanted ones with a rifle while they are all sleeping)

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