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Meet your new favorite creature! These things are awesome, they scale similarly to thylas and are bigger than them, they both can turn invisible but the female can also turn teammates invisible, when they attack they fill a meter which when filled lets you perform a more powerful attack by holding down the attack button, the can also do a dash attack that zooms through a bunch of creatures stunning them but not dealing alot of damage,the males can do a roar that makes things stronger and stuff, they can charge a jump that ZOOOMS over everything, if they are in the air long enough theyโ€™ll do a cool animation which looks even cooler with the particles from having full meter, these guys also have some awesome natural color regions, i just got one that looks like spider man, these guys also move slow enough that the game can load but fast enough to not feel slow, these guys have some of the best animations in the game and they just feel alive, oh and these guys get a pack boost and a hydration buff that occurs when they go in water, overall, one of the best dinos in the game and definitely one of the coolest.

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