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Since Shadowmanes have eight attacks/abilities, let me walk you through how to use them on a Playstation!

Primary attack: this oneโ€™s easy, press the right trigger.

Teleport/lightning attack: double click the left trigger near a creature.

Teleport attack (with radar ability): hold the left trigger down until a target is found, then press it again.

High jump: hold down X until crosshairs appear. The longer you hold the higher and further the jump.

Camouflage: click the right joystick.

Charged attack: hold down the right trigger. (You can only use this attack when the bar at the bottom of the screen is full and the shadowmaneโ€™s eyes are glowing. If you deal the final blow with the attack, it will automatically recharge.)

Roar pack bonus (male): double click the right joystick.

All tame cloak (female): double click the right joystick.

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