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Since Shadowmanes have eight attacks/abilities, let me walk you through how to use them on a Playstation!

Primary attack: this one’s easy, press the right trigger.

Teleport/lightning attack: double click the left trigger near a creature.

Teleport attack (with radar ability): hold the left trigger down until a target is found, then press it again.

High jump: hold down X until crosshairs appear. The longer you hold the higher and further the jump.

Camouflage: click the right joystick.

Charged attack: hold down the right trigger. (You can only use this attack when the bar at the bottom of the screen is full and the shadowmane’s eyes are glowing. If you deal the final blow with the attack, it will automatically recharge.)

Roar pack bonus (male): double click the right joystick.

All tame cloak (female): double click the right joystick.

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