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How to tame:

They only spawn in the Rockwell biome on genesis part 2, usually near rivers

To tame a shadow mane you need to get fish in a basket, the higher multiplier the quicker the taming speed. I recommend coelencath

Put the fish in your last slot of your hotbar.

During the day the shadow mane will occasionally lie down and sleep, only during the day.

However they do travel in packs, so I recommend aggravating one and leading it away from the pack.

If they aggro they will do their stun dash up at you and if I’m a pack they will all do it, getting you stuck and easy to kill, I know as it happened to me about 10 times

You can also trap it as well.

When it falls asleep you have to approach it from behind otherwise it will anger and lose all taming percentage.

To lower the chance of being detected wear a ghillie suit, or you can use the federation tek suit to stay in the air until it sleeps and land far enough away that it doesn’t wake up and close enough that it doesn’t take too long to approach.


The shadow manes don’t have saddles but do have armour ratings.

The ultimate bar fills up when you attack, but if you kill something with the ultimate it refills immediately, side note, the ultimate effect looks dope.

Hold the jump button to do a charge jump, the longer you hold it the further it goes

You can also do the charge jump from in the water

They are really good swimmers

They have the stun dash attack which can hit any number of targets that is in the range of the attack, tested it with a lot of charge bugs in one foundation.

The stun dash can be done upwards and they will do that in the wild

With mate boost, the males can roar and boost the others in the pack, while the females can turn all creatures in a certain area invisible, without affecting movement speed. But if you go too far away you lose the invisibility.


They are very good boss fight creatures, just look at syntac’s video.

They are incredibly fun to play around with

They are breedable


I like to call mine the names from the lion king or if I’ve got too many, from thunder cats.

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