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Taming a shadow mane is not as easy as it looks. The first thing your going to need to do is get the taming food for the shadowmane, which is fish in fish baskets. Try to catch big fish because the bigger the fish the more the taming effectiveness. Now your going to need to find one. Finding shadowmanes are relatively easy considering they live along rivers and bodies of water, be careful though as they can be in packs of 3 - 6 or less. Once you have found a shadow mane try to isolate it from its pack so that you don’t get attacked by the other pack members, then build a 4 foundation, 16 wall, 4 ramp trap and lure the shadow mane inside. Once the shadowmane is unaggro’d on the trap you can feed it, shadowmanes are nocturnal so because of this they will take short naps in the daytime which is how you feed them fish in fish baskets. If you follow these tips I guarantee you will tame yourself a decent high level shadowmane to conquer the ark with. I wish you the best of luck survivor!

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