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(This is for mobile since it’s what I play on)


Great thing about Sarcos is their wide turning range, so easiest and cheapest way to tame one is running and shooting back with tranq arrows. On mobile, highly suggest getting an asc bow and arrow from the dilo hunt pursuit. WARNING: Sarcos are kinda fast, so prob best to jump and run while doing it. Once knocked out, best to do it at night so you can grab a sleeping bag to sleep and get its food drained, then use a soothing balm to get it quickly! How I easily got a 150 sarco


It’s definitely great for traveling in water, and with its rather high weight you can steal beaver dams with ease and swim away quickly, or kill them since they have rather good melee and health. It’s great for its piranha scaring ability and turn on the spot attacking, but can get annoying when a creature is too close and you can’t hit it

Hope you enjoyed reading! <3

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