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How to tame a sarco:

A sarco is a big crocodile that lurks in southern coasts, swamps, and rivers. It wil leap out of nowhere and it drops prime.


A hundred arrows or so use crossbow or high percentage bow. Don’t waste darts.

A character and some ark safari tame experience.

How to tame:

1. Find sarco on land.

2. Lead it on land. In water they become Rexes to bobs.

3. Shoot tranqs on its face. Don’t get jumpscared by other Dinos especially kapros and boas.

4. Tame with FISH meat or PRIME.

5. Make an oddly costly saddle for this easily tamed bad boy.


Defense: they do great dmg and are easy tames.

Hunting: slow on land, they have dps and insta turn on their side.

Water travel: in water they are FAST fast.

Alpha killer (aquatic): can kite alpha megs and if done with caution I BELIEVE BUT NOT SURE I think a bred and imprinted good level sarco can take on bigger threats, including caves I guess.

Enjoy your sarco!

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